Horse Herbs

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Why Use Horse Herbs

Equines are herbivores.  In their natural habitat, they had access to a variety of herbage and were free to range through out the seasons to feed on different herbs.  Perennial herbs were readily available while the seasons provided annual herbs when they were most likely needed.  Like most animals, equines possess the instinct or natural intelligence to self-medicate on herbage to satisfy their general health needs.

In our domestication of horses, we have removed them from their natural environments and placed them in environments that are totally foreign and devoid of the range of herbs that they need.  Not only have we denied them access to the variety of herbs, we have placed them in foreign climatic conditions and restricted their ability to roam while grazing.  In other cases, we have removed horses from their herds placing extreme emotional pressure on the animal.

Herbs contain natural occurring active constituents

that have been proven over centuries to possess therapeutic benefits to the horses health.  Some of these have similarly beneficial to humans.  Others have been discovered through observation of equines in their natural habitat.

In order to supplement horse feeds with natural products similar to that available in their natural habitat, many horse owners advocate the use of straight herbs, usually accompanied with a chaff.  It should be noted that grains were not part of a horses natural diet which may explain why so many digestive issues occur through the use of high grain diets.

This site aims to gather and publish information on the uses of various natural herbs that can be used to supplement your horses feeding regime.  If you feel that you can contribute to the information on this site, please feel free to contribute content.  This site only provides general information.

You can buy horse herbs in Australia from

If specific advice on medical conditions or treatments are required, please consult your veterinarian or natural health practitioner specializing in equine health.