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Echinacea for Horses

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Echinacea for Horses

Unlike a vaccine that targets a specific disease, echinacea simply stimulates the overall activity of cells responsible for fighting all kinds of infections.  It helps the immune system more effectively fight bacteria, infections and abnormal cells including cancer cells.

What are the benefits of Echinacea for horses?

Commercially grown organically in Australia, overseas this species has been threatened in the wild.  the leaves and flowers are used herbally, and this herb has a delightful aroma, which is also a good gauge of freshness.  A number of constituents in the plant stimulate the immune system to counter bacterial and viral infections,  One of these constituents inhibits the ability of viruses to enter and take over cells while another constituent has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  very Useful in treating viral infections present and also post, eg Ross River Fever.  Colds, flu, respiratory and skin conditions may all benefit from echinacea.

You can buy echinacea for horses from

WARNING : This information is provided as general advice only.  Please consult your veterinarian or natural health practitioner for specific health conditions.




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